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Multiple Page 1 Google Rankings in 3 months

Ageless Media Puts Dallas TX Roofing Contractor On Page 1 Of Google in 3 Months

When Phillip Whatley saw Covid hit, he knew it was going to be a difficult time for local businesses. But he also saw an opportunity to grow his agency in the midst of the crisis.

He talked to local businesses about the importance of investing in content marketing and encouraged them to make the commitment.

“This past year has just been crazy for businesses as Covid hit. I would say 98% of the responses to my emails have been “We can’t right now.”, “Money is tight." I talk to other clients encouraging them to invest a little bit in content marketing, knowing that the turnout is going to help out." -Phillip Whatley

He decided to try Ageless Media’s training and outreach approach, which taught him how to get his agency’s foot in the door with potential clients.

When he finally got into action, it didn’t take long before he landed his first client.

"I was trying to do the Dallas area just because it was a larger area. I actually had a close friend who knew a roofer and he was looking for some marketing stuff and ways to get his business up there."

When Philip spoke with this friend about his agency’s services, he learned that this roofing contractor didn’t even have a Google My Business page!

It was just a name among thousands. And with so many businesses in town, Phillip knew that it would be hard to compete against other companies.

“I was like, being invisible is not a good marketing strategy. You don’t really want to be invisible; nobody can find you.”

After just a short interview, the client was ready to start working together.

Phillip closed his first recurring monthly campaign client after joining the Ageless Media

Getting this client was easier for him than he thought because he had already gained a high level of trust and credibility through applying his training. In fact, he was able to land two new clients within two weeks!

Roofing Business Sees Success: An Increase In Online Visibility and Hundreds of Local Rankings with Ageless Media

The roofing business is a major industry in the Dallas area, and Phillip knew that he had to give his an edge over their competition.

Phillip spent months focused on his first client, making sure they were fully satisfied with his work and that he had a good relationship with them before moving on.

He showed his client that he had already created a Google My Business page for the business, even before he started the Amp campaigns.

And after a few months of campaigns running on our platform, we saw that the roofing business had started to become visible online and has improved its exposure in its local area — turning the report from red (no visibility/ nowhere to be found on page 1) to green (the business has secured multiple rankings on page 1).

Online Visibility Before The Amps

Online Visibility After The First Amps

Updated snapshot report for the client's online visibility and exposure, one year after the first Amp campaign: 23 campaigns were published during this period.

The snapshot reports above illustrate the business visibility before and after the campaigns. They also indicate the targeted areas and the services that the roofing contractor offers.

“His business didn’t even exist on Google. Over time, he’s hitting two or three spots on page one with the Ageless Media articles and other modules.”

And here are some of the page 1 rankings that Amp campaigns secured for the roofing company for important keywords for the business relevant to the services it provides and the location it serves:

Using Hyper-Targeted Content Marketing Campaigns To Stand Out In a Crowded Market

In this case study, we see an example of how content marketing can be used to improve a company’s visibility online in key target local areas.

A small company in a competitive industry needed help getting their name out there, and Ageless Media was able to provide the tools necessary for them to succeed.

The client ended up getting their entire website rebuilt and they are now experiencing growth like never before, thanks to Ageless Media.

Phillip attributes their success largely to the business commitment to a strong content marketing strategy.

“So now he’s showing up for all his services and all his areas that he works in. He’s really doing good. He is getting business from it and he is happy to continue paying me.”

It continues to work with Phillip to improve their exposure in other larger areas as well, which will allow them to grow their business even further!

Why You Must Use Ageless Media to Enhance Your Content Marketing & Online Exposure

When we asked Phillip how he felt about using Ageless Media for his business, he said that it was “a phenomenal investment.”

We’ve worked with thousands of users over the years now, and their feedback is always the same: Ageless Media works.

"The platform works as intended. Its massive exposure does exactly what it says it’s gonna do. It’s helped out all the businesses that I’ve worked with and that I’ve done Amps for." Phillip

We are confident that you will find our powerful content amplification engine unmatched to any other marketing solution on the market.

Ageless Media is an easy choice if you’re looking for a way to take your content to the next level. We know you want your content marketing strategy to be effective, and we believe this is the solution that will help you get there.

Book an appointment today.

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