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From 0 To First Page Google Positions & 8K Views In 3 Months

From Zero To First Page Google Positions & 8K Views In 3 Months With Ageless Media

The content marketing field is tough, and until he began using Ageless Media to rank and grow his sites and businesses, Jay Miller, founder of Kyber Digital, was struggling to gain a competitive edge.

He found Ageless Media to be an extremely powerful platform combining content creation, distribution, and syndication—and decided to adopt these campaigns as his standard operating procedure.

Ageless Media helps his clients’ businesses rank at the top of Google searches, freeing him up to focus on generating high-quality content rather than worrying about all the other technicalities involved in SEO.

Top Rankings & Qualified Traffic With Marketing Strategies That Go Beyond SEO

Site building, maintenance, and ranking can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. The problem Jay faced was that he wasn’t getting the results he wanted, or was spending too much time on content creation. He wanted to rank his clients’ websites on Google, get more traffic, and make more money.

He wanted a platform that drove organic rankings and growth to SEO clients, contractors, and more. However, taking care of the heavy lifting in content marketing isn’t as easy as it sounds. Most platforms don’t deliver the desired results and are hard to use.

As someone with experience using keyword research and SEO tools, he realized the potential of his sites but wanted to test what it would take to rank his blogs higher.

Ageless Media proved to be invaluable in securing top rankings for longtail keywords.

A couple of months after launching his content amplification campaigns on one of his blogs, he noticed that the promoted site had 9000 views, and the site began ranking for high-quality search keywords.

After that, he ran two Amps for a project management blog and let it sit without doing anything for about 3-4 months. About then, it was ranking on page one of Google and getting about 8000 views. This was done using amp marketing campaigns. Using Amp marketing campaigns, he can manage his content all in one place, saving him time and money!

#1 Marketing Service For Businesses Looking To Grow Their Online Presence & Drive Traffic

Since becoming a client of Ageless Media, Jay has been able to implement effective content marketing campaigns for his clients. When he joined Ageless Media, he hired and trained a virtual assistant to use the platform and create a mix of high-quality news announcements, blog posts, professionally made videos, and other content.

The Ageless Media software has become essential to Jay’s standard operating procedure, allowing him to deliver quality results to his clients consistently. By using Ageless Media, Jay has been able to help his clients grow their online presence and reach a wider audience.

“It's definitely been extremely effective in getting site traffic. So we put it right into our standard operating procedure (SOP), it's a part of our strategy for all of our clients.” Jay Miller

With Ageless Media, Jay is able to create, publish, and manage high-quality content marketing campaigns with ease, allowing him to focus on what matters most: helping his clients.

“We're using it to rank blogs for longtail keywords, which allows us to go after very specific types of traffic sources.”

Content marketing is a powerful tool for growing a website and increasing its visibility. By publishing relevant and engaging content, Jay has been able to attract an audience interested in his clients’ products or services and bring in new customers. With simple content marketing strategies, he has been able to build organic rankings and drive targeted traffic to his clients’ websites. By investing in content marketing, businesses can increase their online presence and reach a wider audience.

“We’ve seen very aggressive growth and organic rankings from doing stuff like this.”

Ageless Media: The Ultimate Solution For Content Marketing

Ageless Media has proven to be a valuable tool for Jay and his clients. With its easy-to-use platform and cost-effective pricing, Ageless Media has helped grow its businesses by generating high-quality publicity and securing top rankings in search engines.

The monthly reports on published projects provide valuable insights and show the value of investing in content marketing. If you want to grow your business and stand out in your industry, consider using Ageless Media for your content marketing needs.

Book an appointment today and see the results for yourself.

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