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Dental Clinic Doubles its Organic Traffic With Just Six Campaigns

Dental Practice Growth Without Media Hype & Online Exposure Is ImpossibleDental Clinic Doubles its Organic Traffic With Just Six Campaigns

When Shane Wotherspoon, a public relations specialist for local dentists, discovered the Ageless Media program, he decided to give it a try.

Shane first started using cold outreach to find potential clients, and then sell them on the high-demand digital marketing services that Ageless Media offers.

He discovered that his prospects struggled to grow their online prosence and business. The dental practices he started working with were getting only 1-2 new patients per week.

There’s a lot of competition in the industry so dentists need help in order to stand out from the crowd: they needed an effective solution to rank higher on Google search results pages, so that they can attract more patients from organic search traffic.

Shane knew he had to get his clients more exposure and traffic.

Google - Keyword Pack Domination With Ageless Media

That’s why he’s so glad that he access to the world’s most powerful content amplification software.

Using Ageless Media, Shane was able to produce high quality content that is easy to read, relevant, and engaging and generates traffic to the promoted sites.

Shane started running digital marketing campaigns for his first client and was extremely impressed with the initial results.

Ageless Media has helped Shane achieve 1st page results for his client's target keywords, and a bump from 3 to 1 on organic results.

Now that he had seen how powerful Ageless Media is, he was ready to take it to the next level. His goal was to get a 3 pack showing with his client—a 1 pack listing for all of their target keywords, including their competitor’s name.

HUGE Traffic Growth with Content Marketing

The Amps helped the dental practice build trust with potential patients who are looking for evidence of expertise and experience when they’re searching for a dentist.

Shane reported that the traffic to his client’s clinic had doubled within 6 months, and he said that “there is nothing else happening apart from Amp campaigns” and a couple of minor SEO 101 changes to the site.

Nothing has had the kind of results that Ageless Media has generated in such a short period of time.

The Amp campaigns resulted in an increase in organic search traffic and the clinic's lead generation rates have increased as well.

Shane found that his content marketing approach was extremely effective and profitable and as a result was able to make more sales by finding clients who were interested in digital marketing services and selling them Amps.

Each time he used the software to promote his clients’ dental practices, he was able to get their websites to rank #1 for roughly 100-350 keyword combinations on page 1 of Google.

This allowed them to attract more patients and grow their businesses and as a result, Shane grew his own marketing agency.

After implementing Ageless Media’s digital marketing campaigns, Shane's clients see a dramatic improvement in online mentions, traffic and more patients coming through the clinic doors.

Schedule a free call with our content marketing experts to see how you can get these same results for yourself or your business.

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