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46% Increase Of In-Store Shop Traffic In Less Than 24 Hours

How One Retailer Generated 46% Increase In Stationery Shop Traffic in Less Than 24 Hours With One Amp Campaign

The founder of Webb’s Enterprises, Aaron Webb, is a digital marketing consultant who helps local businesses and organizations establish an online presence and get more customers.

Content marketing is a necessary and valuable tool to help any business. However, many business owners find it difficult to allocate the time and resources to write and publish content.

Aaron was seeking a tool to assist with content marketing so he could add value, provide better services to his clients and improve their bottom line.

He found Ageless Media and started using it as soon as he saw its easy use. He loved how simple it was to create content for his clients.

Content Marketing - The Key To Creating An Online Presence for Your Business

Aaron is an expert in online marketing for nonprofits and small businesses. He has a passion for helping businesses grow their brand by educating them on the importance of online exposure.

With Ageless Media, Aaron helps local businesses develop content marketing strategies that increase their online presence and help them attract more customers.

“So in my business, as you know, I'm about adding value. I know a lot of people say so when asked “What do you do?”. I don't go into my services. I let people know, I add value to the online presence of your business, whether it's a website, whether it's a nonprofit or a company. And through that, I provide virtual agency services as press, video, marketing, ABA, compliance, etc. Every month, I've had either a new client or I retained the client. My phone has not stopped ringing because you know, people didn't take seriously having an online presence, having a website. So hence, that's why I'm in business. I love what I do and I love changing lives. That's my business.” Aaron Webb

The platform allowed him to diversify campaigns across multiple mediums and deliver instant results to his clients.

He has gained valuable experience with Ageless Media because it has allowed him to take advantage of the platform’s content marketing capabilities to help his clients’ businesses succeed.

“So I've been enjoying the Amps side because of the diversity of, you know, those five or six different conversions you're repurposing. The content is about five ways. That's why I like it.”
The Power Continued Content Explosion That Amplifies Any Brand

Upon discovering Ageless Media, Aaron was blown away by how diverse the campaigns were, and how they were running in multiple channels simultaneously.

His experience with the AI-powered content marketing platform Ageless Media and the training has been stellar: it has allowed him to get the most out of the business model and the system.

As part of his content marketing services, clients get a free press release when they purchase a larger package. Aaron combines the content amplification campaigns with what they already offer or he charges at least $1000 for each campaign.

Amp campaigns helped Aaron achieve success and recognition.

You know when you get a new customer testimonial and it’s just too good to believe?

Aaron was thrilled with a testimonial that he received from a Canadian client praising the success and power of the Amp campaign. Following a single Amp campaign promoting a stationery shop, the client site rose to the top of Google search within two weeks.

In one month, the traffic to her shop increased by 46% which also resulted in sales that continue to this day. Aaron’s client reported having steady traffic to her shop for months as a result of the released campaign.

Ageless Media Is Changing The Game For Content Marketing

As an agency owner, Aaron has been blown away by the ability of Ageless Media to show results early and quickly. The content marketing software has been a game-changer for both his agency and his clients.

Aaron says that using Ageless Media has helped him build a thriving online business and make more money than ever before:

“This crushes SEO. SEO is a long-term play. It works. It's just a long-term play. Why wait for that if you are going to have something like what I have here: you can be ranked in less than 24 hours and remain ranked. And we can start building the other parts for you in the means. So it is instant results. You heard it, less than 24 hours that's helping - you'll see your results. Once we're finished, you'll see it [ the campaign] in less than 24 hours."

Book an appointment with Ageless Media today if you want to take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

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