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Secure High-Limit Business Credit and Funding Through Our Custom Finance Portal

We help business owners solve the all-too-common cashflow dilemma faced every day. Our finance advisory team will walk you through every step of the process so that your fundability is assured.

Why do you need this?

Business credit and funding mean you can get money to:


Start a business


Aquire new equipment


Grow an existing business


Open new locations


Hire employees


Get vehicles and fuel









With our expertise, you can secure high-limit credit in your business name, without any need for personal guarantees or credit checks. Our services allow you to separate your personal and business credit, with no collateral or cash flow required for approval!


No Collateral

Say goodbye to bank rejections! We help businesses secure low-interest credit lines, long-term loans, and funding in as little as 72 hours, regardless of credit issues, collateral, or startup status. Let us help you access the financing you need on great terms!



We’ll guide you through every step to acquire corporate credit and funding of various types, with access to our finance portal to expedite the process. If you're looking for the best terms on capital for your company, we've got you covered! We even carry Colorado Aged Corps.

Getting Established with Business Credit

Step 1

Build Your Foundation of Fundability

- Set up your business name, address, entity, EIN#, phone number, website, email, license, bank account and merchant account.

Step 3

Start Building Tier 1

- Apply for 3 trade accounts with various vendors, make sure your business information is correct and purchases are over $50 to ensure timely reporting.

Step 2

Establish Business Credit Reports

- Apply for Dun & Bradstreet, Business Experian, and Business Equifax reports to start building a strong credit profile.

Step 4

Monitor Reports

- Keep an eye on your credit reports and request Lexis Nexis and Chex Systems reports to identify any issues.

Step 5 

Continue Building Tier 2
- You currently have at least 3 trade accounts reporting, now it’s time to establish your business credit reports even further.  You’ll select and apply for 3 more trade accounts. 

Advanced Building Tier 3
- 6 trade accounts reporting. Apply for 3 more trade accounts.  

 Revolving Accounts Tier 4
- 9 
trade accounts reporting. Apply for 3 more trade accounts.  

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10 Facts that May Surprise You

1. When you take the right steps in the right order, 97% of companies can get business credit and funding.

2. We’ll show you exactly how to become attractive and fundable to lenders. Everything must be properly organized so you don't get rejected. 

3. When done correctly, it’s simple to acquire business credit and funding not linked to your personal credit.

4. Sometimes getting an SBA loan is a good choice, other times it’s not depending upon certain conditions and criteria.

5. Going to a small or large bank for a business loan is usually not the best option. There are superior choices in today's marketplace.

6. Business credit coupled with funding can help you grow both the short and long-term value of your company.

7. Believe it or not, getting the business credit and funding you need is nearly impossible if you choose to go it alone. Success is far more likely when you have an expert advisor on your side.

8. There are literally thousands of lenders for small and mid-sized businesses. We know how to find them and are able to match you with the best fit.

9. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company with a solid track record, you still need to be set up the correct way in order to qualify for business credit.

10. The most successful entrepreneurs and company owners have, at some stage, wisely used business credit and funding to fuel their growth.

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Let Us Help You Build Your Business Fundability

Credit can be used for any purpose which requires the use of funds, such as:

Boost your overall funding eligibility
We can assist you in qualifying for and obtaining more types of funding, with better rates and terms.
Lower insurance premiums
A business credit profile with a consistent history of paying on time can help reduce your business insurance premiums.
Separate your business from personal credit
Using business credit can lower your personal credit utilization which can raise your personal credit scores and even make your business more fundable.
Qualify for business credit regardless of personal credit
Using business credit can lower your personal credit utilization and raise your personal credit scores, making your business more eligible for funding.
Better cash flow management
Using business credit to buy supplies, inventory, etc. can be done with net terms or revolving terms, allowing you to purchase what you need now and pay later.
Business Valuation
An established business credit profile can boost the value of your business. As you build credit and grow your business it becomes less risky and more valuable!
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