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Why Choose a Colorado Aged Corp?

A Colorado corporation is an excellent option to combine with building business credit.

Acquiring an Aged Entity

Now you don't have to wait 3 years with a new company to be considered stable. Acquire an Aged Corp now and build on a solid foundation.

Colorado is not really considered a 'Shelf Corp state' because it doesn’t have an abundance incorporators selling aged corps, and so it’s a good choice for the entrepreneur looking to start a legitimate business with an aged entity.

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Maintaining Good Standing with Lenders

The lender needs to see that the company, i.e. applicant for credit, is in good standing from the date of incorporation and prefers transparency for easy access to these filings.

The Colorado Secretary of State shows the incorporation date and the complete filing history of the company.

Protecting Your Privacy

Privacy is also available with a Colorado corporation if you’re seeking not to disclose the owners and/or the officers. This is ideal for anyone acquiring an Aged Corp from Colorado to build business credit with, among other benefits makes it one of the best states to do so.

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Getting a Certificate of Good Standing

The certificate of good standing is free from the Colorado Secretary of State. This makes it quick and easy to validate the company in good standing, and to obtain validation to open an account.

Other Considerations

Aged Corps carry the same benefits as Shelf Corps but at a fraction of the price. The other difference is an Aged Corp was in use at one time whereas a Shelf Corp was formed but never used.


There is no clear advantage to spending potentially 10's of thousands more on a Shelf Corp when the benefits are the same.


We guarantee our Corps to be in good standing and free of liabilities or assets. Speak with a trusted financial advisor or contact us today to see if an Aged Corp suits your needs.

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